Automotive Testing Expo Showplace, Novi, MI, USA-2017
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The success of the North American automotive industry was reflected in the 2017 Automotive Testing Expo held in Michigan, which was larger and better than recent expos.


More than 300 participating companies will showcase their products, which can help achieve the ultimate goal of eliminating recalls.


In addition, the North American Engine Expo and the North American Automotive Interior Expo are held simultaneously with the North American Automotive Testing Expo.


Review the latest technologies and services aimed at ensuring the highest standards of product quality, reliability, durability, and safety.


Test simulation

Reliability/life-cycle testing

Impact and crash testing

NVH analysis

Test facility

Sensors and transducers

Occupant/pedestrian safety

Automated test equipment (ATE)

Test facility design

Engine/emissions testing

Fuels and integrated systems testing

Quality testing and inspection

Track simulation and laboratory testing

Test management software

Telemetry systems


Crash test analysis

Vehicle simulation

Vehicle dynamics testing

Tire testing

Automatic inspection

Materials testing

Data acquisition and signal analysis

Stress/strain testing

Aerodynamic and wind tunnel testing

Impact testing


Vibration and shock testing

Electronics and microelectronics testing

Laboratory instrumentation

Acoustic testing

Fatigue/fracture testing

Software test and development

Environmental testing

Torsion testing

Quality management solutions

Mechanical testing

Component testing

Hydraulics testing

EMC/electrical interference testing

Electrical system testing

Structural and fatigue testing