Moscow, Russia-Testing & Control 2017
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Testing and Control is one of the main exhibitions in Russia, showcasing various equipment designed for quality control of manufactured products in aviation, rockets and space, machine manufacturing, metallurgy, construction, electronics, oil and gas, power generation, and other industries.


Up-to-date equipment is demonstrated and process solutions in the following fields are offered at the Exhibition:

measurement and control equipment

test equipment

analytical equipment

non-destructive testing equipment


Access testing and control is an opportunity to have direct contact with executives from over 100 companies, which are leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment in Russia and other countries around the world.


As the "main force" in the field of environmental testing, Hardy provides customers with products such as climate testing chambers, stress screening chambers, AGREE chambers, temperature shock chambers, walk-in chambers, and low-pressure chambers.


In addition to conventional testing products, Hardy also has experience in the design and production of multifunctional large test rooms, as well as successful cases such as multi-functional large vehicle cabins for high-altitude environment simulation and soldier training, and explosion-proof safety rooms with various levels of protection and functions. Hardy's product applications involve fields such as electronics industry, engineering, mechanical processing, automobiles, biology, pharmaceuticals, aviation, aerospace, military, and alternative energy.