Welcome To Visit Us At International Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition 2017
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Welcome to Visit us at International Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition 2017

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Shenzhen International Lithium Technology Exhibition - IBTE is one of Chinas largest Lithium-ion technology exhibition.


It is predicted that the production of new energy vehicles will exceed 800,000 in 2017 and the global handset shipments in 2017 will reach 1.7 billion units. It can be seen that the power lithium battery and 3C lithium battery markets will continue to maintain rapid growth. In the next decade, the global power lithium battery market will continue to grow rapidly.


Aiming at this market, Hardy has been playing an active role to participate positively in lithium battery test application for more than 10 years.


During this year's exhibition, high quality Chambers has been praised by CCTV Credit China. The reporters gave a detailed description of Hardy's situation.


Let us work together to Make it Hardy in lithium battery industry.